Marine and Submarine


At a time when oceans represent the last boundaries of human exploration, we take pride in playing a crucial role by providing solutions for underwater power supply and communications, such as connections between submarine equipment or tethers of Remotely Operated Vehicles le (ROV). These vehicles are primarily used for oceanographic exploration, scientific research, inspection, and maintenance of installations, especially for the offshore industry.

As the demand for underwater connectivity continues to grow with the expansion of offshore telecommunications and energy networks, LAPP MULLER positions itself as the provider offering comprehensive cable solutions for underwater resource exploration and exploitation.

Umbilicals, or electro-optical tethers for ROVs, are the essential link between the surface and underwater vehicles. Their main characteristics are:

  1. Electrical power is conveyed through the core of our cables to the ROV, ensuring the operation of thrusters, cameras, sensors, manipulator arm(s), etc.
  2. Bidirectional data transmission via electrical conductors and/or optical fibers enables vehicle control and real-time transfer of information and videos collected by sensors and cameras.
  3. Resistance to tensile forces (ROV movements, recovery in case of breakdown or incident) is ensured by a synthetic fiber braid integrated into the tether, allowing flexibility without penalizing mass.
  4. Buoyancy or neutrality (natural maintenance at the usual diving depth) is provided in our umbilicals while maintaining a cylindrical outer diameter, making them perfectly compatible with winch winding/unwinding.
  5. The best watertightness is achieved through the selection of materials most suitable for immersion and the resin coating of all peripheral components.

LAPP MULLER recently manufactured an umbilical for the ELODIE burial machine (Trenchformer), which buries cables in the seabed, down to 2000 meters deep. Controlled by operators from a boat at the surface, it can adjust to any conditions and underwater landscapes.


And for many years, LAPP MULLER has been manufacturing cables for the rigging of competition and luxury sailing yachts, where reliability and strength are essential.

LAPP MULLER is therefore the go-to partner for the design and manufacturing (plus any necessary finishing: connectors, load-bearing anchorages, etc.) of cables and umbilicals suitable for all marine and underwater applications such as oil and gas or military application guaranteeing the desired performance and essential longevity in demanding environments.