Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is absolutely at the heart of the Lapp family. This is why the Lapp Group actively supports a number of public and social focussed initiatives and institutions.

Ursula Lapp, Andreas und Siegbert Lapp

Ursula Lapp, Andreas und Siegbert Lapp

Globalisation and a sense of community go hand in hand at Lapp - right from the very start the distinctive culture of our family company has always included a commitment to and involvement in social issues.

The Lapp family company continues to actively promote its core values and principles. Regardless of any market fluctuations, strategy reorientations or structural reorganisations, the socially responsible internal company culture at Lapp provides the firm foundation for its staff, its business partners and all its day-to-day operations.

Alongside our normal business operations which are described here, a traditional part of what Lapp does is to provide readily accessible assistance to all our facilities, wherever they are around the world, when and as required. It is our employees who very often take the initiative to make this work successfully.