For cables subject to high levels of mechanical stress, Lapp Muller  produces a range of strong cables, resistant to abrasion and extreme climatic and chemical conditions, for manufacturers of reels, gantry cranes for steel making, port and airport operations, ...


For use on reelers

Lapp Muller has a complete range of MULARFLEX reeler cables (integrating bus, fibre, optical, etc. wires). These can withstand very high mechanical stresses in terms of traction, weight and compression.

Their excellent cylindricality ensures optimum sharing of mechanical stresses for these sorts of applications.

They are compact and have been designed to withstand the compression stresses created during handling operations.

With their special matt high mechanical resistance polyurethane sheathing, the abrasion between the spires during the reeling on and reeling off is reduced and ensures a high level of resistance to elongation and breaking, as well as against climatic and chemical stresses such as UV, humidity, low temperatures and hydrocarbons.



Highly flexible control and power cables designed to withstand the stresses created by handling machinery, gantry cranes, reelers without return pulleys, on the same plane and with flexing movements only.

Minimum dynamic bending radius: 10 x d

Maximum working load: -20N/mm2

Operating temperature: -30°C +80°C



High flexibility control and power cables designed for reelers with return pulleys, along different planes and with flexing and twisting movements; vertical suspension reelers.

Minimum dynamic bending radius: 10x

Maximum working load: -20 N/mm2 (including weight of the suspended cable)

Operating temperature: -30°C +80°C



High flexibility control and power cables designed for mobile devices subject to extreme mechanical stresses. These are manufactured to withstand stresses such as traction, weight and compression, using reinforcing high tenacity fibres.

They have been specially designed for very high vertical suspension cables, running wheel reelers and all other handling applications.

Minimum dynamic bending radius: 12 x d

Maximum working load: -30N/mm2 (including weight of the suspended cable)

Operating temperature: -30°C +80°C

Medium voltage cables for power reelers.

This product range is also available for medium voltages 3/6 KV and 6/10 KV.