Fibre cables


ARALINE is our range of aramid fibre carrier cables.

Our ARALINE cables perform significantly better than cables or ropes made of synthetic fibres.

- High breaking strength:160 to 220 Dan/mm²

- Very lightweight: 4 - 5 times lighter than steel

- Very low extension at break: 1.6% to 2.5%

- High resistance to inter-fibre abrasion

- Excellent resistance to fatigue and shocks (alternated loads)

- Dielectric insulating, non-magnetic and resistant to Corona discharge

- No dilation or contraction due to temperature variations

- Absolute maintenance of the mechanical characteristics of the fibre at temperatures: 40°C to +100°C constant, 80°C to +240°C peak

- Self-extinguishing (depending on the type of sheath)

- Rot-proof and corrosion resistant (stainless steel).

- Moisture resistant

- Resistant to chemical corrosion


Anti-helicopter mesh wires for prisons

The anti-helicopter mesh wires are installed to match the layout of the prison.

The meshing consists of primary cables (red and purple) to which are attached the secondary cables (blue and green).

The gaps between the secondary cables must not be greater than 8 m and the two cable meshes (webbing) are on two different horizontal planes (approximately 4 m apart).

We can supply both the primary and secondary cables as well as the fittings to attach all the cables.


Mooring lines

Our ARALINE cables can also be used as mooring lines. We can also supply the relevant mechanical attachments (in galvanised stainless steel).


Rigging cables

Lapp Muller is a leading designer and supplier of fibre rigging.

Aramid (Kevlar) or PBO.

We can also supply the relevant mechanical attachments (in stainless steel, titanium or aluminium).