LAPP MULLER works with marine and underwater building repair companies (welding, cutting, etc…), oceanographic research centres and offshore institutes, manufacturers of underwater acoustic instruments and engineering companies, etc… for the design and manufacture of composite electrical or optical cables.

Diving bells, divers’ surface connection umbilicals
To supply diving bells and divers’ surface connections, our umbilicals combine various functions :

  • Power
  • Signal
  • Video
  • Air supply


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For Underwater operations, offshore work and research

For Underwater operations, offshore work and research, our underwater umbilicals combine:

  • electrical
  • optical
  • hydraulic
  • and mechanical functions

They are used for welding, controlling petroleum or gas valves, burying machines…

ROV tether

To ensure the link between the boat and the ROV (Remote Operating Vehicle), our cables can be light, floating, self-supporting, buoyant, watertight and they combine power, command, signal, video and optical fibers.

Sonar supply

Cable for remote sonar system, screened or not, with a polyurethane outer sheath providing good immersion resistance.

ROV Main Lift Cables

Self-supporting electro cables (heavy cables, generally armoured with a double galvanized steel layer, mounted on a hydraulic reel to lower the ROV into the water

Tow cables

Self supporting cables to supply a « fish » (sonar… ), dragged by a boat or a drone.

Cable for pool robots

Extra flexible cables, floating or not, to supply cleaning robots for swimming pools


Static buoy cable reinforced to measure and collect oceanographic data.


For sismic and oceanographic applications, reinforced self supporting optic cable for optical and electromagnetic systems (radio-telescope, sismograph …)

Surface vessels and Submarines

Power, signal , instrumentation, halogen free , fire retardant, screened or not, cable for electrical installations on board ships or submarines:

On-board cable for French navy ( DCN ) :

  • 6145 DM, 6145DN
  • Underwater Detection Cables (DSM )

Mooring lines, buoy moorings

Self supporting, non-magnetic, lightweight cables in high tenacity fibres for mooring and operating lines.

Complete Systems

25 year experience allow us to offer you services above and beyond cable manufacturing Designing, Manufacturing and Mounting stainless steel, titanium or other special alloy terminations.

Supply and Mounting underwater connectors.