Fiber cables


We propose a range of rigging cables in aramide fiber called ARALINE cable.

Araline cable possesses qualities clearly superior to cables or ropes using synthetic fibers.

High breaking strength: 160 to 220 Dan / mm ²

High lightness: 4 - 5 times as light as the steel

Very low extension at break: 1.6 % to  2.5 %

High resistance to inter fibers abrasion

Good resistance to fatigue and to shocks ( alternated loads)

Dielectric  insulating, non-magnetic and resistant to Corona effect

Absence of expansions and shortenings due temperature changes

Total preservation of fiber mechanical characteristics in temperature   

Auto-extinguishing (according to external sheath nature)


Rot-proof and corrosion resistant (stainless).


Moisture resistant


Resistant to chemichals



Ropes anti helicopter for prisons

The installation of ropes anti-helicopter will be a function of the configuration of the prison.

The meshing is constituted by primary cables (in red and purple) on which are hung on the secondary cables (blue and green).

The space between secondary cables does not have to exceed 8 m and both networks of cables are on two different horizontal plans (separated about 4 m).

We propose the supply of the primary and secondary cables as well as the mechanical fittings allowing the bindings of the various cables.


Mooring lines

Our cables araline are also used as mooring lines. We also supply the adequate mechanical terminations (in stainless steel, galvanized steel).

Rigging solutions for sailboat

Lapp Muller is one of major suppliers and designer of Aramide ( Kevlar) or PBO rigging cables for sailboat.

We also supply the adequate mechanical terminations (in stainless steel, titanium or aluminum).